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Question - Torch for old abandoned railway tunnel


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People will suggest the LED Lenser, and it's a great torch but it's expensive as far as torches go when all you want to do is see 10m in front of you.
For £7-£12 this'll light the whole tunnel up, they're very strong, give a decent amount of light and they have a rechargeable battery. As simple, effective and cheap as you can get. I've got 2 of them!

AAA version


Rechargeable version


Only down side, if you're light painting with a DSLR the colour comes out a bit blue, however if you light paint with film SLR, it looks sick.
Hope that helps.

Edit: Just seen your budget, if you want to spend £30 on a torch then a Lenser is the best way to go.



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Interesting introduction post :thumb

Why do you want a Torch that will light up 10M ?

I think the shortest so called railway Tunnel is @32 yards (we call them bridges in Yorkshire :) but the majority are way over 160YDs so something that"ll actually illuminate would be useful.

A 10M range is only good enough for you not to trip over something or fall into a catchpit ;)

A Lenser P7.2 is probably £ for £ one of the better purchases for an all round Torch. Maplins have a special offer on it at the minute for £40 with a free P3 (or was ? ) which is £10 off the price for the P7.2 alone :confused:

I run mine on Lidl re-chargables, less Lumens but cheaper than Duracells

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Seen this thread. I will recommend this one http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NPU8TJQ This is a nice, solid-feeling metal LED torch that comes with two Li-ion batteries and its own plastic case. And it is very good of price.
Generic standard chinese torch, £5 from Ebay.

I's always recommend the Lenser P7.2 though even though it's many times the price.


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The LED Lenser torches are rock solid when it comes to reliability and the batteries last a fair while.

The £20 - £30 Chinese cree torches will blast out more than enough light for a train tunnel but they will burn through batteries and the 18650 batteries can be dodgy.

Personally I carry a couple of Lensers and a couple of high powered Chinese jobbies

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