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Total newbie (wiltshire)


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28DL Member
Hi new here
Always been facininated by old abandoned buildings but never really looked into finding explorations to turn into a hobby ..always just seen pics an gone omg id love to be there in person.. An then got this page recommended to me by a fellow member.. So hoping you can all point me in right direction.. Not sure there is much local to me everything here is quickly converted.. (im based near stonehenge).. Who knows maybe il get to finally go have some fun exploring soon.. But first need to figure out this forum.. Not sure il find my way rounnd but heres hoping.. Thanks to anyone who helps.. I feel like a lil girl lost and know everything is norm kept hush hush (which for obvs reasons i totally get..) and that you all dont realy share your hidden gems.. Who knows just thought joining was worth a try


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Welcome along, this may be of some help to you.


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