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Totally new to this! Explorer of 1 year


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28DL Full Member
Hi There guys and girls,

I am totally new to the Urbex community and would love to hear about some locations and/or leads to some places that I haven't had the chance to explore yet.

I started out exploring abandonded houses in and around bracknell (Strawberry Hill house for one) and then me and a friend ventured out to Red Hill to explore an abandoned mill and since then havent really been able to find anywhere to have a look around.

We have been to a mortuary in Chertsey but there was no way to get in at all, we did end up speaking to the security guard on the way out (just to find out some history) and he explained that there is a lot more abandoned buildings than just the mortuary but they are all boarded up without access so thought we would leave it.

For the time being it is just me and my best mate but if there is anyone else on here that is from Bracknell or any surrounding area feel free to get in touch and we can by all mean meet up and share some locations and share some stories about places we may have been or are yet to visit.

Hope this isnt too long, thanks for reading.

Brad :)


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28DL Member
There's a few empty buildings and a decrepit warehouse in the field behind John Nike Ski Centre. Not worth going out of your way to see, but if you're in the area and don't mind stinging nettles go for it.

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