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Report - Totley Rifle Range, Sheffield July 2017


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Totley Rifle range, now disused is located West of Sheffield near the suburb of Totley. The range closed in 1997 and is overgrown but with the aid of the attached map and a couple of hours spare you can walk round the site and locate many of the firing points and target areas. I once spent a afternoon there with a metal detector and found dozens of spent cartridges and bullets uo to 20mm caliber.


Colonel Hughes of the Hallamshire Rifle Volunteer corp acquired the land at Totley and it opened as a rifle range on 15 September 1900. In order for a man of a rifle battalion to receive a grant of 35 shillings a year he had to pass a course of rifle training and practice regularly. as the rifle they were using was a Lee Enfield .303 rifle with a range of over a 1000 yards they needed a suitable site and this was the only area available in Sheffield. Once the land was acquired the range and out building were constructed and the range was used by the military and then public for nearly a hundred years.
The Hallamshires fought in the 1914-1918 war at Ypres, somme Messine and Passendale losing 45 officers and 1325 NCO and men all these men probably practiced there rifle training at Totley range. The range finally closed in 1997.

The site is quite overgrown and well hidden, although the range in disussed expect to loose some blood as there are the most massive lethal brambles all over the place. Its not until you see a warning sign of Danger Steep Drop that you know you are in the right area, a walk over some raised ground and you jump down into a concrete area which is the protected area for the target markers. having explored this area and photographed the various graffiti covered areas I wandered further up the range to find the massive bullet stop, a wall of loose sand, a quick few handfuls soon rewarded me with some flattened spent bullets of various calibers.
I then walked back down to the concrete area and found the target channels in the concrete and a store area which had seen better days but all interesting features. Walking down the range I soon found the raised areas which were the different firing points starting at 100 yard and then every 100 yards, I also found some communication plug sockets on wooden posts, probably connected to the target marker areas. Continuing further down the range I came to a road and followed that up to the 700, 800 and 900 yard firing points, never mind seeing a target at this range I could only just make out the massive bullet back stop, they must of been great shots in those days.

I have mixed some photographs I took and included some original photographs of the range in use

A Couple of hours with a Metal Detector

Map of the Area

First Sign Your Near

Start of Safe Area

Target Marker 1908

The Graffiti Starts

Somewhere to Sit

More Graffiti

Seen Better Days

Looking for Spent Bullets

1939 Cartridge, One of Many

300 Yard firing point 1932

Old Communications Socket at 500 yards

700 Yard Firing Point

900 Yard firing point, X marks The Targets

900 Yard point 1936, Machine Gun Practice, Must of Sounded Awesome

Lewis Gun Practice 1929

Expect to Loose Some Blood on This explore


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Nice to see that place again. That was the first range I fired a large calibre rifle; whilst it was many years ago, I recall saying, "F'me" after I'd pulled the trigger. We are laid prone at 500 yards, albeit at the time, I thought it was further, but I don't remember the 800 & 900 yards being offset as your diagram shows. We had to have a person on each end of the public footpath which runs North-South at the back of the range which frequently stopped play due to hikers. "I'm entitled to walk here, so I will" attitude.

I have a very vague memory of a irate farmer turning up one day with a dead sheep which had been shot, but that could be codswallop.


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Hi and thanks for interesting comments, great that you actually fired at the range, you would not recognize it today very overgrown as photos show. The 900 yard firing point is right next to the main road, think this were closed a while back, must of been impressive to see 3 or 4 machine guns firing from there.


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Good stuff pal, coincidentally I was looking at this on a map the other day whilst planning a walk and wondering if it was still in use.


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28DL Full Member
Good stuff pal, coincidentally I was looking at this on a map the other day whilst planning a walk and wondering if it was still in use.
Hi as you can see from photos very overgrown and not been used for 20 years, there are some paths that are regularly used crossing the site and it is a nice area to walk heading up onto the moors, thanks for your comments.