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This was supposed to be a quick in and out trip to get some photos of the interior for you all to enjoy..................
The house is a fair way from any road and involves a fair bit of walking and skulking behind trees before you can get close. So that's what I did, and lots of it! The approach I used previously didn't seem like a good idea today so I took a very long walk in from a different direction and spent most of the time in the company of deer.
Once I got close I found the Orangery and connecting this to the main house are the remnants of a conservatory and wrought iron corridor. I took a few photos only to see a land rover drive past the front of the house. Nobody saw me and I carried on round towards the back of the house. I took a few more photos then saw the same land rover driving across land at the back of the house :eek:. I dived into the nearest rhododendron bush and waited. I wasn't spotted and they finished their drive round and disappeared. They may just be there for the sheep that are on the grounds rather than full blown security
Time was getting on and I had a mammoth walk out so took some photos of the swimming pool and tennis courts before heading off. Still not got inside!:banghead
The Orangery


The conservatory


The Orangery is on the left, Conservatory in the middle and main house on the right


Any one for tennis ?

There are a couple of other pics here as well


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Re: Tottenham House - trip report Oct 2008

We took a trip up today and bumped into the people that live that, who were very accommodating.

I'm going to echo Silent Motion's comments - if you want to go in, ask. The people that live there are happy to help arrange a visit, if you give them enough notice.

Please respect the fact that people live there.

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