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Question - Touch Screen GPS - battery life

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One of my regrets is selling my old Garmin Etrex. I thought it would be replaced by the geocaching app (excellent) on my GPS equipped phone (awful). It absolutely rinses the batteries, and quite often the GPS doesn't lock on or isn't accurate.

So, I'm thinking about buying a Dakota 20... http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/garmin-dakota-20-gps-navigation-system-p103487
Battery: 2 AA batteries (not included), NiMH or Lithium recommended
Battery life: 20 hours

or ultimately a GPSMAP62 with full UK 50k mapping... http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/gps62s-with-full-country-p166194
Battery: 2xAA batteries (not included)(NiMH or Lithium recommended)
Battery life: 20hrs

But, despite what the manufacturers say, is 20 hours a realistic battery life in service?


Lock smith

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28DL Full Member
In my experience running on lithium batteries you'll probably get that, but doubtful you will if you use alkaline batteries
My satmap 12 seems to run forever on lithium batteries but on alkaline batteries it has a really poor runtime especially in heavy tree cover

Lithium are expensive but they certainly seem to outlast alkaline in my experience by a factor of 6, so lithium probably works out cheaper

Plus you don't have to carry spare batteries, which is what I like as I'm always losing one thing or another when out exploring
Although maybe I'm just taking more stuff with me than I need lol


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Echo the comment on poor phone GPS. I made the huge mistake of relying on one last weekend, and got horribly lost - it just fell straight on its arse when it got on GPRS....


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The AA lithium batteries are significantly better than the NI-MH, I use them in the radio mics where I work and they last for ages!

I use viewranger on my phone for all my navigational needs - runs offline and does not require 3G/GPRS so if you stick your phone in airplane mode, you actually get a reasonable length of time out of it, maybe not 20hrs mind, but certainly 8-10 is achieveable, but much more with with a battery pack. The GPS on my phone is pretty good thou, only is really thick cloud cover does it fail to lock on. Can't beat a dedicated GPS device thou, but for the amount I use it, it does the trick.