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Report - Toward Coastal Battery

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The Fox

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
It was a nice day on Friday so I decided to pay a visit and photorecord the site. Since the farmer is apparently not overly keen on visitors ( there is a sign on the official entrance gate saying " END OF PATH", I decided to go over the fields. However, just my luck he was spraying dung on the field. Fortunately I had chosen to go in the middle of the day and his lunch break afforded me uninterupted access to the site. He did return as I was in the last hut but it didn't take long before he had to return to the farm for a reload.

Toward Coastal Battery is at the south of the Cowal peninsula and was an Inspection Anchorage in WW2 where ships approaching the Clyde had to stop and be inspected before being allowed to proceed to the safety afforded by the Boom between Dunoon and the Cloch Lighthouse.




The rest of the pics are on

Before you look at them I should tell you there are quite a lot. Also before you flood the thread with "Boring" messages please note that my particular interest is in photorecording sites and that this is my first thread on this site.


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hi, Is there any chance the pictures from the now not working website can be uploaded to this page? Thanks.