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Report - Tower Brick & Tile Co., Selborne June 2015


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Another place from my archive - I was trying to find something non-industrial but all my most interesting ones to post up fall into that category which is fine by me!

The brickworks at Selborne was established in 1872 but production began here in 1901, with extensions added over the years to make it the current size. In later life it was bought out by Tower Brick & Tile Co. and renamed as such. It was one of many brickworks across the country that went into administration during the financial crisis in 2008/2009, and like many of those same brickworks it was left as it was the day it closed, looking like the staff had just gone home for the day.

At the time of my visit here I described it as like a mini Clock House Brickworks, Tower and Clock House are definitely the best examples of brickworks that I have explored as both of them, at the time, looked as if production could restart imminently. In latter years Clock House was completely stripped out and is now little more than some huge empty sheds, however Tower I believe is still there but much the worse for wear.

I really enjoyed this one, I find places like this very photogenic so took a lot of photos.

Thanks for looking :)


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Lots to be had in there - well documented that man.


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The number plate on that car looks the same as one on a fiesta in my town lol.
Don't see many brick works, I like it.

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One of my favourite things to photograph is machinery, quite often I don`t know what it does, but there is something I find quite appealing about industrial machines. So industry threads i enjoy a lot . Cheers for another good one :thumb