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28DL and UE in the News Tower climbers dice with death

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VERY SORRY IF THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN POSTED - as I know it's from April, but I haven't seen it on here. Please delete if appropriate​


THESE shocking pictures show men who risked dozens of lives by scaling Blackpool Tower at night.

Two of the men, who boasted about their exploits and provided pictures on an online “urban exploration forumâ€￾, used scaffolding surrounding the tower to reach the 158m high flagpole.

And Tower bosses say they are “incandescentâ€￾ after discovering the men had not only put their own lives at risk, but those of builders who used the scaffolding the next day.

A spokesman for the Tower said: “We launched an investigation immediately and informed the police so these people can be caught.

“We are appalled people could do this.

“They’re not just risking their lives, but the lives of people below, and those of builders, who were working the next day.

“We are incandescent and would urge anyone who saw this to contact police.â€￾

The men, who call themselves Sho and Millhouse, climbed the Tower last month – and then brought two friends back to repeat the mindless stunt two days later.

On forum 28dayslater, Sho claims he was inspired by two adrenaline junkies who climbed three quarters of the way up the Tower last year – and bragged about it on the same forum.

He boasts: “I had been following progress on the Tower’s refurb quite fiercely recently.

“It had become somewhat of a fixation for me after it was three quarters explored last summer.â€￾

The men also broke into the observation deck to take pictures.

Millhouse added: “We checked out the site first and we knew we had to pick our moment well due to the amount of passing people, but after a long wait we made our move.

“We worked out our route and climbed up to the base of the tower before proceeding up the structure, and we found the viewing platform open.

“Carrying on up we were soon standing next to the flagpole, and what a view.â€￾


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Quality they have robbed Gone's pic of us 3 as well I just noticed in the web article
Yeah they robbed my picture of me stood on the flagpole aswell as the header image, but looks like they've print screened a small version of it and blown it up instead of using the full size :crazy
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