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Report - Tower House, Bristol. Nov 2013


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Following a little liquid refreshment at the local 'spoons, the Brizzle meet contingent decided on a short stroll around the corner for a little roof topping.

Here's a little info on the building, lifted from the net:


Tower House is a landmark 14 storey building that provides occupiers with contemporary office accommodation.
Towering above the skyline it is very prominent and offers floors that are easily divisible to accommodate meeting rooms or individual offices, as required.
Floors can be let in part, individually or combined allowing occupiers of different sizes to move into Tower House and expand as their business grows.

Parts of the tower are still being refurbished.

Visited with Seffy, Grit, END-PROC, Bush10, Mully, Supergibbon and a non member.

The initial climb was a little tricky and somewhat overlooked, but we got up un-noticed. Then it was pukka scaff all the way up.

Ok, here's some photos. Still trying to get the best from my £60 Hitachi Bridge camera, as seen on 28 :confused







Next stop for the evening was the General Hospital.
Turned out to be a proper fail....... :eek:
Still, met probably the nicest secca guy I've had the pleasure to meet, and some great banter with Bristol's finest boys and girls in blue.

Great night with the Brizzle massif, and some new faces too.

Thanks for looking.

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