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Report - Train cemetery of Thessaloniki / Greece


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hi urbX community,

this is my first report. I hope you like it and that someone get’s inspired to go out and explore.
I went to Greece a few month ago, in particular to check out the “Train cemetery of Thessaloniki”. When i first saw photos of this place, my heart started racing… i had do explore it by myself… see it with my own eyes. :-)

It’s an accumulation of hundreds of unused train carriages, in different levels of decay, on the outskirts of Thessaloniki. I don’t actually know how big this place is or how many carriages there are as it's so widespread. Kind of interwoven into the local area. You can see abandoned trains on the local bus route to the location. I think i found the initial cul de sac area where the first trains have been dumped. I couldn’t find any official info about it, a few websites with info but don’t want to copy the text, as i don’t know if its valid. You can find it via google.

There is a fence around but has been neglected, so it was easy to find a way in. There was none around. There are no real houses close by the bit i explored. I spend a few hours there, you can go into the carriages and around, some stand so close together that you need to squeeze through. There is a lot of graphity and vandalism. Found a half burned out oil tank carriage, with thick oil seeping into the ground… frankly disgusting that they haven't emptied if before dumping it… shows how little anyone cares about this place. There is a motorway going above parts of the area, so it doesn't feel like i was alone… but defiantly a sort of zombie apocalypse vibe.

Here are a few of my photos.
Thanks for reading :-)

You can see more pics here: