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Report - Train Graveyard North Yorkshire Report


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Following a failed explore of a car graveyard my fellow explorer Dobbo and I decided to brave the foulest weather and visit a train graveyard in North Yorkshire. The site has around 20 Mark 2 railway carriages in various liveries ranging from original BR Blue, Intercity, Regional Railway, Network South East, and a few that had been built in England, sold to Northern Ireland Railways, and then shipped back again. These carriages were originally at Sinderby, and were moved after the need to clear the site for the A1 widening project. There were a couple of large dogs on the site, but after a quick word with the local guy we were in cameras at the ready.

British Rail's second design of carriage was designated Mark 2. The Mark 2 has a semi-integral construction, giving it more strength than a Mark 1 in the event of an accident, although a key driver of the changed construction method was to overcome the serious corrosion problem point in the Mark 1 at the base of the body, where it was attached to the underframe. Other changes of design, such as the window units, were for the same reason, which had become a serious problem in Mark 1 vehicle maintenance costs.

The Mark 2 coach was one of the mainstays of the InterCity network, but new rolling stock introduced in the post-privatisation era has nearly ended its use on main line inter-city routes. Since their withdrawal from most main line duties, Mark 2 coaches have played an increasing role on private rail tours, charter trains, and on heritage railways.

On with the photos:

Reflecting on their life:

Shunters hat:

Bit of spit n polish and it'll be reet:

BR had signs for absolutely everything:

Soap but no rope:

Brake pipe:

Tickets please:

Fire notice:

Dusty seats, but not in terrible nick:

Pay your fare:

Northern Ireland Railways:

Once capable of 100mph, but no more:

Chris Green would turn in his grave, oh hang on, hes not dead!

Seats everywhere:

All of the coaches had 'lot' nunbers allocated and the fella there reckoned that they were up for auction soon so will probably go to the great railway scrapyard in the sky......or the strategic reserve:D

Plenty more on my Flickr site, enjoy!


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