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Report - Trawsfynydd Roc Post - Gwynedd June 2011


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28DL Member
Had to do a quick recce for next time i'm down here so not much to report.

As per subbrit report it has the updated hatch and is locked at present, don't have a torlift key yet and the fact a petrol station owner down the hill asked me what i was looking for due to wandering round with an OS map lol.
he pointed me to the top of the hill because you can't see it until heading out towards Bala.

He also said he is sure it was sold to the local farmer who at the time was in his tractor out in the field, the nice petrol station man pointed at him lol, also farm on opposite site of road to petrol station :thumb
will call and ask him soon if he don't mind and can i borrow his key lol.


not in bad condition pretty good really, torlift key cover stuck but not rusted just needs a tiny help to lift ;)

will report back soon on anymore update of this point,

P.S can admin advise if i can share TomTom Poi i'm building for other members to locate these easier or not.



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