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Report - Tregada Chapel - Little Comfort, Cornwall - July 2020


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This little place has been done on here a couple of times before. I know it isn't hugely special but I find it charming enough to have visited twice.

The history

As with the previous post by @DrGonzo, I've not been able to locate any real history for the chapel. It has listed status and is described as follows

"Methodist chapel. Probably c1860 with minor later alterations. Roughly coursed slate-stone with granite and yellow brick dressings; slate roof with ornamental ceramic cresting to nave"

There is a well known gravestone on site here but the others around it are probably of more interest as so many of them appear to be for very young children.

The visit

As mentioned, I had visited here once previously in 2018. At that stage there were a few more items left inside the chapel, including a collection book still containing parishioners details. That was a night visit so it was pleasant to see the place in the light of day and without bats swirling around my head.

This little chapel is of course no epic, but it has some lovely natural decay and there are enough features to make it worth a visit for me. It is also a relaxed enough site to introduce a friend to this peculiar hobby of ours.

Anyhow, here are some pictures...

The chapel is almost disappearing into the undergrowth.




Inside, other than some items having been moved or removed, very little has changed in the last two years.



The organ is still in decent enough condition, despite the roof being slightly lacking over it.







And of course, that gravestone.


Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed.


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What a cracking little explore that place is. And what an unfortunate name. "Who are you marrying?". "A real Bastard".


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I do love this little chapel, it's a great peaceful and photogenic spot.


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How lovely! Photographed it well too :thumb


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Brill pics. So happy the organ is still standing. There's a Sunday school on the same site, we missed it sadly.


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Brill pics. So happy the organ is still standing. There's a Sunday school on the same site, we missed it sadly.
There's not a lot to see in there as the entire floor has caved in as well as most of the roof, all you can do is stand in the front doorway and take a photo of the room.

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Lovely little gem. Some lovely features, such a shame it wasnt given to the community for use. Lovely natural, peaceful explore. Now thats my kind of wonder :thumb

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