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Report - Tresham College - Kettering Jan 2010


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Okay so this is our first ever urbex and we absolutely loved it, we will definitely be doing more in the near future so i'd like to say thanks to everyone who puts this forum together, because without the info on here we would'nt have been as well planned or equipped.

I have a shitty Fuji 7.3 megapixel digital camera so don't moan about the picture quality, i don't claim to be a photographer and most of the pictures where taken with a flash or limited light, i did the urbex for enjoyment, not photography. I took the photos as it seems to not have been reported on before and i thought you lot might want a look :rolleyes:

A little background history..
Mid 1940s - The St Mary's Road site is acquired by the Kettering Technical College. During the Second World War it had been used as a hostel by the US Army Red Cross.

1948 - James McKinlay is appointed principal. During the summer and September, weekly classes in bookkeeping are held. Full evening classes commence in October.

1970 - An extension to the college is opened. Work starts on further enlargement plans. The college now has around 750 full-time students.

1975 - The McKinlay Theatre is opened, named after the college's principal.

1988 - The student population has grown to 8,555.

1992 - Tresham College and Wellingborough College merge to become Tresham Institute. Keith Rowland continues as principal.

1994 - Tresham Institute opens a new campus on Windmill Avenue, Kettering. It's the old Kettering School for Boys campus.

1998 - Keith Rowland retires. Sian MacDonald becomes the new principal.

2007 - Staff and students from the St Mary's Road campus are due to move to the new Windmill Avenue campus in early summer. There are proposals to demolish the St Mary's Road campus and to replace it with housing.

More info here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/northamptonshire/content/articles/2006/11/13/farewell_to_campus_feature.shtml

Entry was a piece of piss and security was non existant, the closest to getting caught was when exiting the buliding via a 3rd story window a woman standing in the next door hospital said 'I've spotted you, The Police are after you' to which i replied 'Nice one.' And then left the site with no bother whatsoever.

Most of the place is completley trashed as it closed about 2 years ago so many have gone before us, its still well worth a visit though as the campus is huge and consists of many different things to explore, watch out for asbestos though.

Big thanks to S/a/m and Mo for coming with on this one.






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Thankyou all :)

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