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Trespass law in Spain


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I'm going to the Asturias region of Spain to photograph what remains of their once thriving coal industry, can anyone advise on what the law is in Spain? I've tried looking on the interweb but draw a blank - cheers in advance.

johnny gomez

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i've wandered round a couple of hotels in Spain, never had a problem .... but as for the laws not too sure

The Lone Ranger

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I've tried to find a definitive answer before, more in regards to rock climbing / walking, but again later regarding exploring. It all seems a bit vague, but hey it's Spain.

From what I understand it's more or less the same as England and Wales, not really an issue unless you are on Government or Military property. If an owner catches you it's the usual verbal abuse, but he has the option to raise a Denuncia (a complaint to the police). The police will consider if any action needs to be taken. At worst they might come and talk to you. However the owner would have to get your details. I suppose if he saw you enter and then phoned the police rather than confronting you, you'd then talk to the police directly.

That's just my understanding of the law, and more than happy to find out differently.


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That’s the thing with the denuncias, from what I’ve read it’s an instant fine if ones raised with the local police. The sites we’re visiting are pretty much in built up areas so I don’t envisage staying free from the interests of the local Guardia for too long.

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