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Lead or Rumour info - Trillian's Bar, Newcastle


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It has also affected the Pow Burn in North Shields, the Bridle Path in Whickham, the Blagdon Arms in Cramlington (spent my college weekends drinking in here), the Grey Horse in East Boldon, Whitehills and the Red Lion in Chester-le-Street, Chesters, Chaplins, Varsity and the Blue Bell in Sunderland, and Varsity in Durham.


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yeah it was on facebook yesterday that it was closed, "Due to circumstances beyond our control Trillians will cease trading with immediate effect." thats on there main page.


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@Richt247 I know, just posting it here as there wasn't a thread :)

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I live real close to the Blue Bell, I'll see if I can have a look.
You wont be able to get in, your only 16 :p:


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Id be more than happy to explore any pubs mentioned, just make sure theres a pint waiting ;)
should've gone to TJ Doyles back in April/May when it was pristine before the fire.. could have poured yourself one... :p:


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No way, can't the Blue Bell is closing down. Lived just down the road from it all my life. Surely someone will buy it.