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No idea how useful this is as I'm not sure the site is accessible but nonetheless, construction work has been delayed somewhat.

Work was supposed to start on the site last summer, and the development was scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.

But ongoing construction problems means this is no longer the case, and builders are now not expected on site until this summer.

Andrew Duncan, managing director of Opus North, said: “The construction work will be exceedingly difficult, as we have to retain the Grade II listed facade of the building while demolishing the rest of the building.

“The problem is the facade is in a very poor state of repair. There’s not much holding it together apart from the external plaster.

“We’ll have to get it fully stabilised before we can start on the other work.

“The scaffolding will go up in the summer, and work will be ongoing for more than a year.â€￾