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Report - Tudor Square, Sheffield, Sept 2015


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Tudor Square is a city square in the city of Sheffield, England. The square is home to the largest concentration of theatres in the UK outside London and has thus become known as Sheffield’s ‘Theatre Land’. The Square lies at the heart of the city centre, only metres away from the town hall, major attractions such as the Winter Gardens (seen in these photos) and is only 5 minutes away from Sheffield Station. It is overlooked by St Paul's and the town hall clock.

Despite being in existence for a long time, Tudor Square only became known as a public square in 1991 when the City Council sought to improve urban landscape in the city centre in preparation for the 1991 World Student Games, held in Sheffield. Before the redevelopment the square had served as part open space, part car park and was mostly unrecognised. The new square was opened by the Lord Mayor of Sheffield on 7 June 1991 and has since seen several further redevelopments including an abundance of funny shaped metal bollards and artsy things that get way too hot on a summers days and scald people. This is also been the sight of many mini festivals and protest meets, including the EDL a few weeks ago. (Which I managed to fall off a bollard while photographing and was laughed at by the mounted police and most of the marchers!)

So anyway....It was a nice night and we decided to spend it on high things. We did have another (or two) places planned but Parkhill was its usual dodgy self and at 1am we didn't fancy a run in even with three of us! Hope the photos are ok, much love!

Visited with Rincewind (as always) and Ron!

Theatres and skylines




Bang on midnight!




St Pauls and the Winter Gardens



Park Hill Flats in the distance




Pretty cloudy sky


Thanks for looking

Much love

JE xxx


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