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Report - Tullis Russell Main Building (visit 2), Stoke - June, 2012


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Tullis Russell once occupied ground in Stoke on Trent, and ran a paper mill - possibly known as "Brittains Paper Mills".

Tullis Russell Brittains manufactures a wide range of speciality transfer papers that are used for the most exacting high quality decoration. The company builds on over 170 years of experience to remain at the forefront of transfer paper development.

Our staff and world-wide network of agents have a wealth of expertise that they are willing to share with you to assist in your selection of the most appropriate decal paper to satisfy your application requirements. We also provide technical advice to ensure that you achieve the best decoration results from our decal papers.

This time I ventured into the main building, which has three floors to climb. The entrance was pretty sketchy, and I was a little nervous going in but once in and being quiet for a few minutes I realised the building was completely empty.

The ground floor was pretty empty, some pellet cases were here and there, so obviously people had been shooting guns in here. And old lift is STILL in this building, including all the mechanisms. The doors were wide open and you could see straight up. There was a little locker room behind the lift.

The middle floor was pretty grim. Lots of old bits of machinery strewn across the place and some dead pigeons... well, pigeon carcasses should I say. A little office was here, which had long seen some people ransack it. The ladies toilets were here too, and still rather intact - including the hand drier, sink, toilet, and ladies things machine.

The top floor was absolutely horrible. The door was closed too, with a little window. I peered through to see the floor covered in crap. I covered my mouth and nose with my shirt and opened it. Dead pigeons galore and crap every where. I think the chaps loo's were here but I didn't stay that long to check properly!


1. The chimney and the building


2. Inside I go!


3. Looking up, you can see the ladder and a few rungs (or whatever they're called). Needless to say, I did NOT climb it


4. The ground floor, pretty bare inside


5. Remains of some flappy doors & a warning sign


6. "REORDER POINT" painted on the floor was slowly fading


7. I'm guessing this was possibly an access point to vehicles or something? There was two. Well, whatever it was it's now a pond - so much so, there was actually a little frog swimming in there


8. And there was also this creepy as doll


9. A sign of what was actually here


10. The lift shaft


11. This little locker room still had around 5 or 6 lockers in there


12. "1982" - showing the age of 'em! Inside, some still had shreds of old newspaper cutouts stuck to the door


13. Well, I was kind of one...


14. Up we go!


15. Middle floor, a bit of machinery type stuff was left in here, as well as dead pigeons! The floor was concrete covered in metal, which was flexing underfoot slightly


16. Robbed out office


17. Indeed! There was a few hanging signs in here, but I didn't bother photographing 'em all


18. Machine remaining at the back of the room


19. A bit more crap on this floor. In the back you can see the smashed office windows (next to the blue thing) and the lift doors


20. I guess I will then...


21. Finally, the top floor - a room full of shit, pardon my French


22. Back down we go then!

Here's a few more little bits and pieces I thought were nice


23. Smashed out light


24. A hook stands on the window sill on the bottom floor


25. Time stands still...


26. Yellow foam fire extinguisher still stood up, on the middle floor (I think it's on that floor)


27. Awesome old fashioned light switches


28. Some big piping on the ground floor


29. And a robbed out fuse box. Some of the fuse blocks were on the windowsill next to it


30. And so, I took my leave! Very colourful corridor

Hope you enjoyed it! To check out my report on the smaller building on the site click here

(Also, if you wanna check out the full album and more photos of places click the Facebook link in my signature)
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