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Report - Tunbridge Wells - Underground Battle Headquarters aug17


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Maybe better known as Wilderness I dont think these tunnels are any great secret to any of us and have been explored by a fare few, personally id never been, living fairly close as well id always just put it off for another day.

With a house sale and a move with in weeks myself and sparky decided to go down and check it out, it was either now or i never would.

from subbrit
Between 1940 and 1941 a network of tunnels was excavated sixty feet below Hargate Forest on the south side of Broadwater Down in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. No documentary evidence relating to these tunnels survives although there is a strong local rumours that the tunnels would have been used as an underground operations room for Lt. General Montgomery (later Field Marshall) in the event of an invasion.
Id been to the location of the tunnels before so we made our way straight there, no camera for this explore just a phone, torch and rubber dingy.

The tunnels have been flooded for many years and only drying out in exceptional dry summers, this dont happen anymore so a boat job it is, some parts looked to be flooded to at least five foot.

two of the entances


looking down the stairs from inside one of the entrances

Entrance to the main network, couple of dead boats from previous explorers


the water had a oily film over it, you wouldn't want to fall in and hence why i didnt fancy taking a camera

flooded dead end section

concrete section flooded

picture dosnt really pick up but this was only about 2\3 ft from the roof level, A uncomfortable feeling being in-between the water and roof space on a boat .

A quick selfie

Last shot back on the way out


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I try to avoid water wherever possible after my Acoustic mirrors fiasco. Good photos though, especially the 3rd one