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Report - Tunbridge Wells Underground Battle Headquarters - Kent - May 2017


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Under the Hargate Forest in Tunbridge Wells is the remains of the battle headquarters. A series of tunnels that are mostly inaccessible due to flooding. However armed with a set of thigh waders, I managed to get a glimpse inside.


Between 1940 and 1941 a network of tunnels was excavated sixty feet below Hargate Forest on the south side of Broadwater Down in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. No documentary evidence relating to these tunnels survives although there is a strong local rumours that the tunnels would have been used as an underground operations room for Lt. General Montgomery (later Field Marshall) in the event of an invasion.


The Explore

Ended up here after a couple lackluster explores in the area. I didn't really expect much, but was surprised to find the the tunnels wide open.

After climbing through the opening and over the gap in the 45 degree bars I descended down the steep stairs to the bottom.

I was met with a a rather flooded tunnel that looked a foot or so deep. After returning to the car and swapping my trainers for a pair of welly boots I headed back down again only to find the water level was deeper than expected...

I've been looking for an excuse to buy waders, so now was good as any.

I returned the next day armed with my new purchase and confidently headed into the cold mucky water. It was okay to begin with as I gingerly walked down the tunnel trying not to trip over anything on the bottom. However it didn't take long till the water level was getting very close to the top of the waders. With about an inch left before my feet got very wet I decided that it would be wise to go no further.

Looking carefully at the water level you can see it gets deeper the further down the tunnel.

There are 3 blockhouse entrances, 2 are still accessible. The second blockhouse connects the other end of the tunnel system and the water level is almost to the ceiling here.

According the Subbrit page the water level can go down during hot seasons, but I doubt it will ever go down enough to explore it fully. Anyone got a big water pump?


The first blockhouse.










The second blockhouse





The bottoms completely flooded


The third blockhouse



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Nice one man, the water drops roughly twice a year, when we went it was to the ceiling or thereabouts! Nice to see this pop up again :thumb


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28DL Full Member
Went to have a look here about 3 months ago, checked all 3 entrances and were fully sealed, will have to drop in again soon
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