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Lead or Rumour info - Tunnels under Newcastle


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Not sure how true some of these are, except the Victoria tunnel. I was looking for places in Newcastle and came across this post on another site, I'll put the link below. It would be so cool if all of these existed, further down the page someone was also talking about rooms under Newcastle central station and not sure which page it was on but a utilities tunnel under the Tyne around Heaton.




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I wouldn't believe any of them, with maybe the exception of the Post Office tunnel if it was a large sorting depot.


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Best bet is to go and have a look, although like OT said a lot of them sound pretty unlikely.
Rumours about tunnels seem to float around in almost every town in the UK, it's just finding them that's the tough bit...


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There is a tunnel under a bar I worked at it started in the cellar but was blocked off by equipment and it headed in the direction of gallowgate, there is also a blocked off tunnel in the basement of T.J Hughes, I used to see it when I worked there. That one hated in the direction of nun street.