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Report - Tunstall Court, College/Training/Housing scheme, Hartlepool 27-10-2007


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wow what a long title.

there isn't a lot of info to go on but heres what I've found out...

built in the late 1800's by the Furness shipbuilding family (I can only assume furness as in barrow-in-furness where they build nuke subs now, the coat of arms looks pretty similar)..
Not to live in, but I would reckon as a college to train people to draw/design/engineer/pilot/man ships in their flotilla, so lots of light airey rooms with lots of space for drawing tables and general fancy'ness.
They would have been a fairly wealthy family, well you would be if you owned a collection of shipbuilders/most of a town!!
It has a lot of fancy plaster on show, some fantastic stained glass, and some very ornate rooms.
I think it was later used (70s thru 90's) as a college of sorts, possibly art.
In 2002/2003 teeside council decided to fix the property up to a livable standard, and proposed a cheap housing scheme for key workers to get their feet on the property ladder/accomodated nicely for cheap (£25/week), key meaning hospital staff, police in training, civil servents etc.
The housing scheme worked well, e.g pay cheap rent, but have to look after th place and protect it from vandells. for about a year or so. then people started to leave, vandels kept breaking in and terrorising the grounds (7acres! and a filled in swimming pool), and eveyrone left it to the homeless/hobos/pikies to finish it off.

here is some bbc info dated 2003, and some pics before the vandels wrecked it/ set fire to it about 30times :mad: although i say vandels,theres also devolpers on the scene now, who want to build about 90 homes on the plot. the plot/building is for sale for £5.2million. WITH planning permission.

Visited with.. (if I can remember you all).
The loon
loon lady
mr hiboy
two random people who walked up LOL:crazy


the exterior, looks promising


Mr-hiboy & shepy in the undergrowth.


the first taste of what we found inside.

then, about 3mins after we'd been in, two of us were standing opposite the main front double/quadrouple doors, (no doors just them metal racks), me highligthed against a window behind me, the other guy (sheppy maybe?) was a little too. anyways, these two people walked up chatting, then started looking thru the crates, I frooze where i was but alas, they soon spotted us. THEN they wanted in to have a looksy. Turned out the women was the granddaughter of th women who used to own it before the council took over (and knackered it).


took me several minutes to figure this item WAS a phone LOL.


the 'ballroom'


millar looking evil.


chair shot,
and the fantastic barreled plastered ceiling,http://s183.photobucket.com/albums/x30/brickman_photos/Tunstall House/?action=view&current=DSCF6416.jpg


upstairs, getting a nautical theme on.


and again, just so loverly. although compare it with what they used to look like a few years ago...


how can something so solid become so chavved SO quickly. oh right, we're in hartlepool :mad:


looks similar to the barrow in furness crest will clarify later.

AS usual prob too many pictures, but this was probably a one off chance to see this beautiful (once was) building.

It is structurally solid with no piking whatsoever, however someone is living in there, with their own unique access so don't go alone.

whoever lives there, they have a major shoe fetish. EVERY room has its own unique shoe to identify it, and every shoe in the 50 or so rooms is different. VERY WEIRD. theres also pictures/adverts/and shoe graffetti. mental




Evening all,

Great day and a great site, very glad I went. I've quite a few pictures that already on here, so i'll try upload a few different viewpoints.


As prevously mentioned the place is full of random stuff, there was a sun bed next to this tv!


This was the kitchen

Loved the ceilings in this place


From the stage


Another of the destroyed rooms

The obligatory...

As I say great find, good size and plenty of variety in the rooms.

The Boss


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