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Report - Tunstall Court, Hartlepool - July 2012

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Tunstall Court July 2012

Hi all, this is my first report so please feel free to leave as much constructive criticism or advice as you need, still got my L plates on so to speak :Not Worthy haha

Anyways on with the report! Visited with two friends who are not yet members of the forum, we spent around two and a half hours on site so we got chance to have quite a through explore. I'll be brief with the places history as it has been visited before by other members and they're a few reports on here with the info already, a bit of info copied off of my Flickr:
The Court was constructed in 1899 by famous Hartlepool Ship Builder and Entrepreneur William C Gray who's family occupied the House for around the first 30 years of its life. The Furness Family then moved into Tunstall and they remained in the Court from the years of 1929 to 1948, the Furness family like Gray were too involved in Hartlepool's Ship Building Industry. In 1948 the local Council took control and ownership of Tunstall Court and have done since to this very day and they used it as an education center right up until 2002 when they were forced to close down due to financial troubles. After this the Court was used as a hostel providing apartments for £25 per day between the years of 2002 & 2006 but this enterprise never lasted and in 2006 the Court was completely abandoned.

Now a few of the Pics :thumb

The exterior of the Court itself below.


The Main Hallway and Staircase.


Fnck the Future!




Fellow splorer ;)


The Haunted House, Light Pools before we lit the place up.


And finally a shot down the Cellar...


So that's it chaps! My first report, let me know what you think! Tried not to make it too picture heavy but I have plenty more on my Flickr at:http://http://www.flickr.com/photos/57652513@N05/sets/72157630808583194/with/7683731560/

Also just a quick note to anyone wishing to visit, we did have unmarked police raid the building whilst we were in, fortunately we spotted them before they spotted us and made a speedy get away! Just something to watch out for if you make a visit. Cheers for reading! :)

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