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Report - Tunstall LPG, SOT. September 2011


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited this site a couple of times in the last month, mainly to take better pictures than those from my first trip here. The place looks considerably more trashed than the first time i visited, more smashed windows, signs of arson etc.

All i know is that the site is Tunstall's Liquified Petroleum Gas site, its last owners appear to have been Budget Gas. I would of thought that this site functioned in conjunction with the Longport Oil works just across the railway from it (well it makes sense considering their direct proximity to each other, but i could be wrong).

1. Main entrance.

2. It's own private railway access.

3. View from the old reception office.

4. Inside the warehouse visible from the last shot. Considering this is an LPG site i'm at a loss to explain the presence of the kiln's...

5.Back office of the warehouse space.

6. Security (?) Tower.

Thanks for looking folks!

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