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Report - Tuxedo Royale, Middlesbrough - June 2015


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Popped over for a look at this whilst in the area and although its in really bad shape it still makes for a fun visit, especially getting on and off the boat!

History - Robbed from @The Amateur Wanderer

It started life as the TSS Dover in March 1965 ware she was launched from Swan Hunter Ship Yard in Wallsend, Tyne & Wear. She was used for 11 years by British Rail as a Roll on Roll off Car Ferry on several routes. During the time with British Rail it was re named Earl Siward in July 1977. In November 1981 she was sold to Sol Ferries Ltd in Cyprus ware she received the name Sol Express. In 1983 after a major turbine failure she was laid up in Limassol till 1986 when she was sold to the Quadrini Group. Then in March that year she was towed all the Way to Newcastle ware she underwent a refit to become the floating CASINO/restaurant/night club and re named the Tuxedo Royale that most people come to know her by. She was situated under the Tyne Bridge from 1986 to 1993 when she was replaced by the Tuxedo Princess and the Tuxedo Royale was moved to Middlesbrough. The Tuxedo spent 13 years in Middlesbrough Dock until she was moved over to Able UK TERRC, Seaton Port to make way for the Middlehaven Redevelopment in April 2006. Then in January 2009 she was moved to Able UK Central Quay Middlesbrough. Between 2009 and 2011 the ship was a target for metal thieves stripping metal through the ship mainly from the Steam Turbine Engines on the lower decks. Due to this reckless vandalism the ship sunk to the bed of the Tees in May 2011. The ship still lies in this spot to this day listing at an angle due to the water the ship has taken on. (Researched by Borolad)












Cheers for looking :)

Choo Choo m8ty

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Yea liking that never done a boat looks damn cool. Thx for pics


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Always like seeing this one
Got some nice snaps :thumb
She seems to be listing quite a bit these days


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Awesome set mate, this on my list to go to soon

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