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Report - Twyford abbey - London- January - 2015


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pretty short one this as I didn't go out to explore it I just happened to be in the area and hence lack of decent pics...no camera/tripod/torch all I had was my phone..if anything it's a headsup to who ever wants to give it ago. I will return at a later date..the place is huge I can see massive halls but like I said I was prepared..oh and there is secca but my god what a couple of nobs..I'm in there and hear voices so me thinking it could be squatters I jump out of there turn the corner and notice two of them standing in the far corner, I start walking around the building and just when I think I'm safe who comes round the corner...secca, I'm on for it now...let me give up .but no as they approach my heart beating fast they look at me and say morning WTF?? I say morning back and carry on out of there..

Short history

Twyford Abbey is an historic landscape setting encompassing a listed house and garden walls. Between 1807 and 1809, owner Thomas Willan engaged architect, botanist and geologist William Atkinson to build a mansion in a romantic castellated gothic style, incorporating an earlier moated manor house. To this were added an impressively walled garden of approximately 0.5 hectares, a picturesque pleasure garden and park, and nearby St Mary’s Church was remodelled in gothic style. During the C20th various extensions and alterations were made to the house, which the Alexian Brothers, an order of monks, ran as a nursing home. The property has been vacant since 1988.











That's it like I said there must be big halls, I shall return​

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