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Report - Twyford Abbey, May 5th 2016

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I can't really take credit for this one as it quite a well known building and it has previously been visited by @mrwhite, LINK TO HIS POST INCL. HISTORY: HERE

As said before the building was abandoned in 1988 so nature has really taken the building back with ivy, moss, trees and plants wrapping in and out the windows.

The security was extremely tight, when we saw the "guard dog" signs we thought it was intimidation tactics but after a little walk around and poking our heads around the corner to be met by a security van and a dog (which immediately started barking like mad) we found out that the dogs do in fact exist. They also did a good job of boarding up the play, we were searching for 20 minutes before we had to resort to climbing up onto a balcony where someone else had smashed in a window. So we popped through the window and were immediately greeted with this sight.

After (extremely carefully) walking around after a few minutes we were forced to put our face masks on. I brought along some asbestos masks seeing as the building is quite old and we had to use them not only due to the dust and ceiling insulation that was laying everywhere but also as a barrier from all of the faeces we came across. It was clear that squatting was a regular here with lots of cans and bottles everywhere (as well as a spoon and syringe to our disgust). To say the truth, the building is in a really awful state after 20 years with holes everywhere and waste it was a minefield to walk around, some of the wooden floors were extremely precarious as we could feel the rot underneath. Although we saw some very grizzly scenes we also came across some really nice scenes.




This was my first every abandoned/aged urbex as I usually tend to stick to the high stuff like buildings and cranes. Was definitely fun having a look about! Sorry for the quality of photos, brought the wrong lens and I mostly used to shooting city scape's.
Let me know what you think!
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Any more photos? This is a place that is always on my list but tbh is always bumped by more interesting things.

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