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Oxygen Thief

Staff member
Dear 28 Days Later,

It has come to my attention that there is information regarding our property Twyford Abbey (Ealing) on your site. We would really like to discourage anyone from coming down to the site as No 1, it is simply not safe and No 2, it is private property. As new owners of the site we have recently conducted a structural survey of the building which has been deemed unsafe by our engineers- no one, including our own team are allowed into the property unless we are accompanied by the engineer and surveyor and are wearing full PPE.

It has been alarming that under it's previous ownership the property had been allowed (in order to pressurise the council to grant permission for residential development) to deteriorate so dramatically that there is very little salvageable architecture left remaining other than the external walls. The property had been so badly managed that it was vulnerable to a huge scale of unlawful human occupation including, as the remaining detritus suggests drug users and children simultaneously. We now are learning that that these occupants may not have been just the homeless but in fact large numbers of managed victims of people trafficking into the UK. The result is in fact that the site is incredibly dangerous with used needles, drugs paraphernalia, asbestos, human feces and waste not to mention all related dangers to an unstable building.

With this in mind I hope you can see my concern that visitors to your website are being encouraged to come down to Twyford. Because of the unlawful activity assumed to have been occurring up till very recently we are having to be incredibly careful with it's security and how it is managed and any visitors will be turned away unless they have an appointment.

I would really appreciate if you could pass this on to your community and remove any reference to Twyford from your site- it really is for public safety.

I really appreciate your help and co-operation