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Lead or Rumour info - Ty Gwalia - Swansea

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Proud Welsh
28DL Full Member
The old Ty Gwalia building on 7-13 kingsway in Swansea.
The buildings were saved from demolition last year in 2023 after being acquired by Coastal housing to be turned into flats.
Entrance is possible! From 2 ways, Does not matter which way you attempt, it’s tough!
Don’t expect this place to be here much longer, it’s a nice chill spot, and an airsoft game would be perfect in this place
Expect a report soon




Insider Media
Coastal Housing Group


Proud Welsh
28DL Full Member
Post taken down, ‘not report worthy’ which tbf the photos weren’t great, but the place is massive. If anyone gives a damn I can get some better pics if anyone is interested at all? Lmk