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Report - Ty Gwyn, Llandudno- April 2013


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Rather an old one, and not many photos sadly :(

Ty Gwyn is a Victoria copper mine beneath Llandudno, which is a later development (opened 1835_ and separate from the reast of the Great Orme Mines. This deposit was (humerously) discovered, when it was noticed that turf displaced by a cow slipping during some rather wet weather exposed some copper ore. There was also an underground tram to ease extraction of the ore in this 25 acre mine, which also had 2 shafts and an additional drainage adit. The mine closed in 1853, plagued by constant flooding

Entrance is gained by way of a manhole near to the pier entrance on the prom.(https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3...lSiJPAe7XOm_xDt0OwJA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en). I was lucky enough to tag onto a group expedition down here in 2013 with the Great Orme Exploration Society (http://www.goes.org.uk/). We spent a good few hours down here, being guided around.

More details on this mine: http://www.goes.org.uk/assets/History_of_TyGwyn.pdf


One of the shafts, collapsed and filled with beams/debris


Emerging from the manhole cover, in my usual graceful style :)

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