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Report - Tyne Marshalling Yard Control Tower – Lamesley – Apr 2011


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My first report, here goes.....

The control tower at the Tyne Marshalling yard in Lamesely was opened in April 1963 following the closing of several nearby stations. The stations that closed were Low Fell, Bensham and Gateshead West as a result of declining rail traffic. The control tower was shut in May 1991 for reasons as of yet I have been unable to discover. Looking back and comparing my reports to earlier reports, it can be seen that the building has been in steady decline. When I was there, parts of the roof have fallen in over the control panels. The yard itself is located to the Northwest of the building whilst the East Coast Main Line passes adjacent to the tower on the Eastern side.

Well I think this can be my considered my first full explore. After accessing the main building, stashing my bag and recovering my dropped camera :crazy I realised I was totally unprepared!! After failing to gain access to another site in Newcastle, I left all my lighting gear in the car. There was a section of floor missing on the ground floor – the space below was completely flooded, so not sure if there was a lower inaccessible room or floor. The ground floor rooms were completely pitch black, trashed and reminded me of a scene from the creepy ps2 game Silent Hill. The stairs were pretty rank and I was not prepared for the amount of pigeon guano. Bits of roofing material were scattered everywhere so I tried to avoid too much disturbance due to the asbestos warning signs.

External shots:




Random battered filing cabinet:

Shot through roof beams onto the outside lighting tower:

The control panels


Sadly, my explore was interrupted at this point. A number of vans pulled into the compound followed by a number of people who were walking around the building. Decided it was time to leave despite not finding a way onto the roof for some panaramic photographs and to relax in the sweltering sun.

All in all, an interesting day with the site manager turning out to be canny and asking me to exit the site ASAP. He and the work crew looked a bit confused when I explained I was only there to photograph the control tower! I was a bit disappointed about the state of the control panels and I would have liked to have seen this site a few years back when the roof was still intact and both Mother Nature and vandals had not let rip on the insides. Don’t think I would go back into the building but I would like to explore the rest of the site to see if there are any interesting bits to discover.....