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Report - Tyrone & Fermanagh Hospital, Omagh, Northern Ireland - April 2015


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I don't rightly know much about the history of this place, other than that it was built as an asylum, sometime in the 1700s by the look of it, and then it was a psychiatric hospital which closed sometime in the 1990s by the look of some of the records in the basement.
Parts of one wing (The same one as the former Male Psychiatric) were then used as an integrated college, we assumed this was probably some time shortly after the Good Friday Agreement in 1998, in any case the school has now gone.
Parts of the main building are now in use again as we found when we were inside; the NHS seems to store equipment in parts and there is evidence of the civil service using rooms near the main entrance.

The place is an absolute labyrinth. The first few photos here are from the area which was the integrated college, and the former asylum's cells can be seen in some shots. I can't imagine the school found much use for these small, cramped rooms.












The view down one of the wings, with the row of cells on the left hand side, barely visible in the low light

1950s style desks complete with graffiti from what claims to be 2001









The tunnels underneath are now simply for heating and ventilation. I had heard there were padded cells and chains down here but if there were they have been bricked up





They don't make stairs like them anymore.

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I've not seen much from Northern Ireland before
Looks alright that does. Thanks for posting


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I used to go here for school I think it was 1995 the school opened, I was in the first year so was able to see the hospital before it was changed, the small cells were changed into study rooms after 2000 for sixth form students to study in for A levels, the small cells were bare walls expect for a bolt on one wall to chain people to.

The students helped in the first year it was opened to clear some of the floors of old medical equipment so the school could expand, which was amazing all the old medical equipment bed with restraints etc etc,

Our IT class was thought in a octagon room with a huge bolt in the ceiling, we were told in history class when reservhing the asylum that that room had a chair hanging from the bolt in the ceiling, they used to spin the chair really fast to get demons out of people's heads,

The water tower you see in some of the previous pictures in the forum was built by the asylum patients, I think we counted from records in class a crazy number over 57 registered deaths were the patients threw them selfs off the tower when they were building it to commit sucide. And that's just the registered documented deaths, as apparently record keeping was very shady back then


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The river beside the asylum they used to tie a rope around a suspected witch (prob a woman with mental problems) and they used to hold the rope at each side of the river and put her under if she survived she was a witch and if she died she was not a witch, we didn't find any records of people serviving though we only seen a few records for this practice.

During my time at the school exploring I never seen any padded cells, only small cells with bare walls and bolts to restrain patients

We used to smoke in the tunnels that ran under the asylum as they were not bricked off yet or new doors put on yet, the tunnels linked parts of the asylum to the churches, and a few external out buildings and out door escape hatches, they also link the asylum to the court house in the town itself, in omagh were the asylum resides, there are a network of tunnels some well documented in documents that run under the town that connect the asylum to the court house and the bank of a river, the old prison, a recory some 4 miles out of town on the gortin road


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Nice looking building that, good to see something from home too :)

Maybe worth blurring out the name on the deceased file?