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Report - Tyting Farm, Guildford, Surrey


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Not much information on this place. Was just walking by (on the way to explore a gunpowder mill) and saw the security signs and boarded up windows, so of course I had to explore.

The main farm house is boarded up and completely inaccessible


Some of the buildings are locked, however a lot of them are still open and filled with machinery







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quite funny actually, back in the day about 8/9 years ago this farm used to be squatted by a bunch of lovely hippies who were self sufficient in themselves who were using the wasted farm space for a place of rest and productive activities . unfortunately though the authorities being as they are decided and successfully moved on the harmless group of people inhabiting tyting farm. and this place still stands doing nothing. i remember being on top of pewley downs in guildford with my mate having a cheeky smoke and watching the sunset, when we heard drums from afar, we investigated (15 min walk) and found the tyting farm hippies!! funny as. anyway, bit of history there.


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A while back the rear window boarding on the house was ripped off, all that's inside is a cooker but the walls were all painted weird colours by the hippies and it's still visible.

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