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Report - - Unbrako/Unsco Factory - 4/11/06 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Unbrako/Unsco Factory - 4/11/06

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Today DBS and myself visited Unbrako/Unsco factory in Kiveton Park.
Cant find much info about Unbrako, and didn`t see much inside which had the Unbrako logo. But there was loads of stuff that had Unsco`s logo printed on it.
Unsco has not ceased business, but the plant at Kiveton has been closed for some reason; still trying to find more info on the closure and why it happened.
Here is a bit of info pulled from the net:

UNSCO manufactures bright-drawn bars for engineering uses, annealed and rolled rod, and cold drawn wire. The company has expanded its product line by making stainless steel, which can be processed into bar, coil, and rod. It also provides such services as heat treatment and surface treatments, including shot blasting, pickling, phosphating, and stearate coating. UNSCO has been in operation since the 1950s.

Anyhow a top explore, we were in awe over the place. We first went into a shabby looking building that had huge holes in the walls and rubble all over on the inside, the place was stripped clear, so im not sure what it was used for, there was dag allover the place so i presume it was a place where hot metal was worked.

After this we headed for another building, once inside you could not notice the huge furnace first. It was cool to see and the pipe work was quite impressive. Had to go inside :D . In this same building was some small office type rooms, still with records in the drawers.

Pretty much the rest of this building was stripped of machinery, the odd power stuff at the walls. But in the far end we came across a tool room, it was real good in there, full of manual machinery, 2 lathes, sufrace grinder, miller, and a shaper.

Next we went into another building that again was stripped-ish. one side had a store room, i presume for maintenance. Parts were still located on the shelving and racks.

After walking through even more dag and grease we came into the acid shop. There were huge vats lined up against one wall, and two large gantry cranes. At one end were 8 furnaces, from what i can gather these look similar to annealing furnaces, there was 8 in total.

Once out of here we were in a kind of small office block joined to the acid shop. This area was evidently used for analysis of the metals. There were a few microscopes, polishing/lapping machines, tensile test machines, measuring equipment etc. On the floor above was an office with many many folders rammed full of records. After this we had seen it all after around 3 hours of explore, and went to the pub.
A few photos follow. DBS has been kind enough to lend me some of his ftp to upload the rest too (theres also a couple of 3GP videos there too). the link is here (only works in IE):
ftp://[email protected]/public_html/Unbrako/




Inside the furnace

Top of the furnace

Part of the furnace

a lathe in tool room

DBS in tool room

Some ink in the stores

8 furnaces


Re: Unbrako/Unsco Factory REPORT 4/11/06

Been back today with Iniquitous.
Was trying to concentrate on some `detail` photos. So heres a few more.