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Im not too sure whether this is worthy of posting..... i guess it will be up to the mod's.
I think that this is a valid piece of exploration simple because it has cult status and there are no other references to it (that i have found) on this site.
So fo those who are in the dark this it the famous cottage from the cult film Withnail & I.
Known in the film as Uncle Monty's cottage in the contry and in reality as Sledale hall the cottage was propelled into celluloid ledgend in the 80's.

I visited the property on the way back down south after a trip to scotland and had a fairly hard time identifying the location because the film uses panoramic scene shots from the cottage which are from a totally different location in the lake district. Anyway i persevered... i new it was near Penrith and after a spending a bit of time buttering up a landlord i got the location....... little did i know i would then have to butter up a farmer whos land i would have to drive across to get to the property.
Upon arrival i was totaly overcome.... i was at CROWCRAG!!!!!
It was totaly derelict but that didnt matter, there was the spirit of what had gone before eminating from every stone!

I was kind of pleased to see that the property was obviously a mecca for die-hard fans and there were quotes from the file writen all over the front door. The windows were boarded. The interior was a shrine to the film, a log book for visitor hung by the mantle piece where Withnail and Marwood warmed themselves. The decor of the dining rooom was the same baby pink as in the film............ Awesome a true gem.
I was a little upset and at the same time relieved to hear that last year the owners of the property (a Norther water company) were auctioning it......... its a shame that Kate Moss seemed to have been the one who payed the most interest. Im not sure who purchased the property but it is good to know it wont crumble into the ground.

Just a few pics







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