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Report - Under London Bridge, December 2011


I should have danced all night
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The night before New Year's Eve (the night before the night), Ojay, Lawrence, Havoc, Ninja Boy and myself went to London to meet up with some of the locals to see what trouble we could get ourselves into. We did some cable tunnels and this nice little place under London Bridge but unfortunately, the evening reached an abrupt end because I was ill everywhere. After much dying, I jumped in my car and drove back to Bath and the others headed to Pyestock on their "Start the fans" Tour.

I imagine this is where all the rats and mice of London live (the posh ones anyway). A big modern riverside development with good commuter links to fancy cheese shops in the financial district.

We only took two bananas down here because Basil hadn't joined the family yet. Still, we all had a lovely time, apart from ruining everyone's evening with my ailments :p: Thanks to OliverGT and I'm so sorry, I've forgotten your username! There was a few people there but my memory is so awful but I do remember you all being very lovely so thanks again!





















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