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Report - Under Oxford Road , Reading

Callum Cromwell01

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Deep deep below on the Oxford Road in Reading is a huge set of crypts/burial vaults.
The crypts was built under a former funeral directors Cyril.H Lovegroves to pass the bodys through to the crypt under the Holy Trinity Church.
In summer 2018 sadly this crypt was no more and was demolished along with the former funeral directors to make way for a block of flats but the crypt under the church still remains.
There is storys that the blocked off tunnel leading off from the crypt lead to the church next door and also routed back towards St Marys Butts but no one knows the trust by the time i got there the tunnel was sadly bricked up and filled in with cement.








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decent report and photos there :thumb


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It probably does go all the way to the butt's center I remember me and my friends messing around with the elavtors and it going under the shopping center revealing loads of tunnels in emmer green there is also an opening with a ladder leading underground filled with tunnels seems like reading has alot of underground networks that not many people know about now...

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