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Report - Under Parr, Bury - January 2016


My name is Jeff
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Visited with CJ as we had a few leads in the area, and the culvert we went to see ended up being quite short.

This chamber is a CSO overflow into the Parr Brook.

We got to the lid and after a bit of persuasion, the sewer mists were bellowing from within; the almost-sweet aroma of a thousand turds. CJ went down first, got his shots and re-appeared with a big grin.

The chamber consisted of an Archimedes screw - it was quite interesting as i've only seen screen-style processors. However, judging from the outfall grill and rag ridden trees further downstream, they don't seem to do a great job, at least not in this case.

Nonetheless, it was fun to get back out and provided something to do with a (not raining) Sunday afternoon.




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