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Report - Under The Corn Exchange - Tunbridge Wells - April 2014


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Well first off this really is a pit worthy report and I decided to share only because I've upgraded from a 15 quid boot fair shooter to a Sony A58 and to be honest I haven't a clue and could do with some pointers on how to take pics in zero light. And who better to ask than you lot.

So a day at the Wells was a somewhat half hearted attempt of a tourist attraction under the Corn Exchange in Tunbridge Wells and closed down in 2004 due to lack of interest and frankly it was crap.

I was hoping for more but in fact it's nothing but empty rooms, although I managed to get a little lost in the labyrinth and not sure how if I looked up I was 3 stories down underground..? I'll have to check my map..













Bit rubbish really but on the plus side I've found some really nice (not seen here before) Victorian culvert brick porn that I'm saving for when I learn how to take some pictures that'll do it justice. So looking for advice please..



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Light paint your subject matter ( rather than lighting one area) while using "BULB" setting in S mode ( works better with a remote release) on a Tripod if pitch black etc using a decent Torch like a P7 etc and alter the WB to custom @ 7000K ( i think it is) or AWB if lazy :) Guesstimate exposure time and review and adjust as required.

Or purchase an external Flash unit which is easier, but personally i prefer to Light Paint as it"s more of a challenge :) even though i have a Sony HVL-58

I use a Sony A77 amongst others and use the Focus Peaking in Manual Mode, so i can select Focus and DOF as i want and usually between F5-F8 depending on how many days i want too be down in the dark lol

I use Manual Focus 99% of the time for this stuff, mainly with a Tamron 11-16mm F2.8 UWA FYI

Other flavours are available :)


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Thanks mate that's quite useful, I need to practice more and experiment with lighting techniques..


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Worthwhile site Electric Orange, good find :thumb

Difficult to photograph but there's some good advice above and elsewhere on 28DL about low light photography - might be worth a revisit


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Bit slow on the uptake I know but literally had no idea a day at the wells had closed! I swear its still signposted in town! I remember my Mum always taking me here in the school holidays because well there's not a lot else to do in Tunbridge Wells...

Poltergeist mor-tan

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If you want to explore somewhere more intersting in tunbridge wells there are ww2 'tunnels' in hargate forest. But photographing wont be to good due to lack of light

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