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General - Underground access at heaton park?

Chris Daddytobe Ellaway

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
first post on here well when i was on a walk around heaton park i saw two unusual access points locked with an old rusty bolt now i have heard story's of underground world war bunkers but i have never been too sure so i have looked into it a bit but i still am struggling to find anything out so i am going to go down and have a look taking a few safety procedures respirator, rope access kit a few other bits and bobs but i am just wondering if anyone has any information they don't seam to look like sewer access because they are very odd pure black and rectangle almost ladder shaped anyway if anyone wants info or has some to share post or message. pleasee


Staff member
Depends on which bit you mean, it's mainly reservoirs there and quite a few of the lids/hatches (locked) lead into that

There are also some lids in the wooded area that lead to surface water drains and also you have Heaton Park Brook

Chris Daddytobe Ellaway

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
however yes there was a shelter around those parts, across from Bury Old Road somewhere
Well the access point I am talking about doesn't seam to exist on the Internet it is actually inside the park just past or in the squirrel area I googled it and a page came up about the garden telephone exchange however I didn't think that came this far?


I think I know the ones you mean and I am sure they have been discussed on here before? It all depends where they are??

There is a covered culvert (Heaton Brook) that runs under Heaton Park

substormflow - Heaton Park Brook

and a sub-surface Railway Tunnel

File:Heaton Park railway station in 1988.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

but as far as I remember there are no WW2 underground bunkers at Heaton Park, but there were 2 Prefab housing estates bult in the park to house bombed out families, and these existed till the early 60's since Heaton Park is owned by Manchester Council, so air raid shelters may have existed but not for the prefabs which were built late in 1944, and also sewage & water mains?

However if the are just above the lower lake marked Overflow, they are just that, water pipes...

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28DL Regular User
Regular User
Heaton park brook doesn't really do anything interesting, there's a couple of tiny culverts but that's it. There's something seperate by the upstream end though. There's a couple of hatches side by side in concrete covers in some grass that are bolted and just have a water pipe type valve underneath. The pond overflow might be worth looking at but looks like a small RCP from the infall. There's a few other bolted hatches of different types I've seen but not lifted, good luck!

Frankie Four Fingers

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
The below memories of WW2 do make it sound like there were underground shelters within the park:

We also had to practise getting to the air raid shelters quickly should an air raid occur during school hours. This involved walking in crocodile formation from school, across Bury Old Road and to the shelters which were situated in Heaton Park itself. The rest of this park (the largest municipal park inn Europe) was used by the RAF billetted in dozens of huts. I remember there was always water dripping from the shelter roof and we sat there and sand "Ten Green Bottles" and "One Man Went to Mow" to pass the time before the imaginary "All Clear" went and we trooped back to school.


28DL Regular User
Regular User
I was going through some old photos and these came up:

Bolted covers with valves underneath:



A chamber (elsewhere in the park) with a grilled floor over a water tank with a number of valves controlling something or other.


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