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Report - Underground Battle Headquarters; Tunbridge Wells; Nov 17

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Undreground Battle Headquarters.

Between 1940 and 1941 a network of tunnels was excavated sixty feet below Hargate Forest on the south side of Broadwater Down in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. No documentary evidence relating to these tunnels survives, making writing the report quite difficult. There are however strong local rumours that the tunnels would have been used as an underground operations room for Lt. General Montgomery (later Field Marshall) in the event of an invasion.

There are three small blockhouses on the surface of the forest. Inside each blockhouse there is a steep flight of steps leading down to the tunnels. Which seem to be subsiding into a very steep and strange angle. The disorientation in there is a very weird and heady feeling.

Usually the tunnels are flooded but at certain times of year or after a dry spell, it is possible to enter the system.

Some refer to these tunnels as the Wilderness' tunnels that was a nickname. No one seems to know why it occurred. The surface plan shows the position of the three blockhouses marked A, B & C.


Lies & Deceit

I find the rumours that it was built for Lt. General Montgomery a bit strange, and just that, rumours.
The Underground Battle Headquarters is built on private land owned by the Marques of Abergavenny, and local authorities deny any knowledge of it. Secondly, as far as any military sources are concerned, the story of The Underground Battle Headquarters finished in 1945.( so never actually used and completed after the war ended) The Marques of Abergavenny was paid compensation for the use of his land ( allegedly, but by whom?) and any military records were then destroyed. The Marques was serving abroad at the time and cannot shed any light on the history of the tunnels. It appears there is no real documented history to this place, lots of rumours and denials. Documents destroyed, and nick names all appear very cloak & dagger style.

Enough of either true or untrue history, onto the explore

I visited with one member. We had previously just done another location and the weather had become over cast. The mud was thick, but our feet already wet, so we thought what the hell. Be rude not to take a peek. We entered quite easily, then my problems began lol. With tired legs, I attempted the beam climb, ending upside down, hanging by one leg, head dangling above several very deep steep concrete steps, whoops. I composed myself, and we continued, only for me to slip again on the steps lol. When we finally reached the bottom, it was indeed flooded. Couldnt go very far. But still glad I saw it.

Onto Photos



Sorry the photos are limited, all of a muchness, and I don`t like to repeat photos. My alignment wouldn't work, sorry peeps

Thanks for reading/viewing CJ



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