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Report - Underground fuel Storage Bunkers, Poole Feb 2011


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Many thankings to Montstar and Markymark for bringing this place to my attention, and, in turn Lock1999.

Having found and donned my anti-trenchfoot boots I had a nose around inside, shin deep in water, paying close attention to my recently acquired and moderately expensive camera. Shame I didn't have any moderately expensive flash/lighting equipment to go with, but I improvised and overcame.

In terms of history I can elaborate a little beyond the tale of one tank got bombed and is now a swamp and say it used to be a bulk depot supplying the flying boats that flew from Poole harbour in WW2 based at former RAF Hamworthy, and also other bases nearby. If you look on google maps you can see where RAF Hamworthy used to be marked by the military landing craft of the Royal Marines who took over the site after the RAF base shut down in 1944 (although the Navy occupied it for a short time between whiles).

According to an account at the time of the bombing: "a 500 kg (estimated) bomb fell near the edge of one of the C2 tanks at the point of the pipe inlets, went through the roof and probably detonated on the tank bottom. Half the roof blew off and the tank side and inlet section blew out. Some roof support columns were destroyed. Because the bomb detonated in the fuel contents there was no fire. There was no damage to adjacent tanks and spilled fuel was retained by the bund wall and most of it was recovered."

I also read elsewhere that it was empty at the time and so minimal colleteral damage was caused. Who knows.

Since this was a WW2 incident the censors would have ensured that details were suppressed to deny the enemy the information, much as they did about the alien experiments.

For more info about the flying boats see here:

Since Montstar and Markymark had the place covered from the outside I've only put up my interior photos. They're mainly close-up shots due to aforementioned lighting issues, but there's still some cool stuff down there.






And it still smelt pretty fresh, couldn't fix the frangrance, but found the bucket and scrubbing brush 20 fathoms below.






The phone was my personal favourite, shame the line was dead.



That's all for now. Since I've not used such a highfalutin camera in a few years if any camera geeks want to give constructive feedback would be much appreciated.

Gracias all.