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Report - Underground Ice Rink/White Rock Baths - Hastings- March 2013


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Ok, I have waited a long time for this, and last week the perfect opportunity arose. Attached are photos of (as it last was) The White Rock Ice Rink. The place has been shut for just over 15 years now, and people are looking for ideas on what to do with the place. Originally the baths was opened as Turkish baths, with all the bells and whistles of its era. Then for a long period it was the baths cinema, and finally in the late 1900's became the White Rock Ice Rink as it was last known by locals. It is situated near the pier and the White Rock Theatre (Hence its name) I took well over 190 photos all through the maze-like structure of the place. If there is somewhere you would have liked to have seen, but you do not find it in the photos below, please feel free to ask about it and I will post photos of the part in question if I have them. Thanks, enjoy!


The main hall (First a large pool, then an ice rink)


Original Banner


The original hallway


Plaster has come away, you can see the baths tiles underneath :)


A separate corridor untouched by the days of the ice rink. (Still original metal victorian baths in some places)


Original victorian fuse box in the basement, un-used for decades.


Original cafe in upper building

I have plenty of other photos of various hallways, the skate hire room, the basement, offices, reception area, old notices etc. So anything else you would like to see, just ask! :)

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