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Report - Underground Medical Centre, Sheffield - August 2010.


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Underground Medical Centre, Sheffield - Visited By Ojay, Woodburner, Kitty & Muttley.

A couple of weeks back, whilst visiting Megatron, AEM told us about this undergound place he had visited, sadly we ran out of time on this occasion.

After looking through his photo's I was intrigued, and decided this 'a must see'.

There isn't much info kicking around about this place, however I did hear that it was linked to Firth Browns Steelworks.

This place is truly a hidden gem, and now sadly buried below a car park with no obvious signs of what lies beneath.

Shouts to AEM for the info, we managed to find the access after a bit of a recce, and as you said it was nothing short of ridiculous.

Woodburner has today attended a Health & Safety course, I imagine what he thought when we came across the 'way in'.

To put it bluntly it was treacherous, not only that, I stupidly volunteered to 'go in' first, this provided Lulz as part of the place caved in on me.

Next up was Woodburner, eventually followed by Kitty & Muttley as well as taking a good chunk of the access point with us (LOL) :D

Once inside we initially went for a mooch together, then for a while went our seperate ways to get some shots.

Thanks to Woodburner for being lighting bitch and providing comedy throughout!

There are a number of consultation rooms, a waiting room, toilets a canteen & utilities room. There were also a couple of original entrances, now sadly blocked and backfilled.

Whilst inside I managed to find an alternative way out, as the 'way in' was a last resort. After some climbing and a bit of a squeeze we were back in the open air.

Just as we jumped the last hurdle Woodburner spectacularly landed on his arse (ouch), dude we shared your pain :eek:

All in all a great little mooch, once again Sheffield keeps on giving, it's fast becoming my second home.

On with the photos.......

One of a few original entrances into the place, not our's today though


Light switch, sadly no power so cue Woodburner aka 'lighting bitch'


I did manage to find the distro board but sadly it was f@@ked so torch power FTW


By the time we got in I needed to change my undies, and needed the bogs, luckily they were just around the corner


"I wouldn't go in there if I were you!"


Whilst I waited for Kitty in the waiting room LITERALLY she decided to devvo the radiator, TBH I have never seen cast iron crumble like that before..

Heres one that survived....RAD


Oh, and the waiting room


There were quite a few rooms along the way,



Including a canteen


A consultation Room



Oh hai, whats this, better go and get checked out




I'm so glad I joined BUPA..... Private healthcare FTW




Nurse Kitty :D


Lulz with Woodburner, Kitty & Muttley :thumb