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Report - Underground reservoir, clayton-le-woods, lancs. October 2013


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28DL Full Member
Visited solo.

The reservoir – constructed to hold about 300,000 gallons – was built in 1884 to provide storage for clean water for Leyland. It is the oldest and last surviving example of brick vaulted reservoir construction in the area.

Most of the reservoir, which is or was on Back Lane, is below ground level and there is little above ground to show that it even exists.

Chorley Historical and Archaeological Society tried unsuccessfully to save parts of the reservoir for posterity.

Such a shame it's possibly demolished by now to make way for new houses, however the builders opened it to the public for a few weeks, so I got myself down there on week day.

It was very crowded so the long exposure shots have people in them, but they had as much right to be there as I did, so it's only a small report.

On with the pic's



On this shot I put my head torch in the pipe to add to the effect.


The girl on the right came over for a chat as I was using a tripod, she had a new nikon and was after a few tips, I told her what I knew ( which isn't much ) when I asked her what she was planning on snapping she mentioned 28dl... small world.


Lastly my favorite shot of the explore.

Thanks for looking Telf.