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Lead or Rumour info - Underground thing in Liverpool


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Here's the photo for ease of reference:

The thing about that area of Liverpool is that the land closest to the river now used to be the actual river, hence the name Mann Island, all around Castle Street and James Street was a tidal inlet surrounding what was the old Liverpool Castle. Like this:

And this is how the road system in the 17th and 18th centuries intersect with the original land reclamation:

so really I think it's highly probable that Liverpool's got quite a few underground Vaults where it's easier to build up over the original rather than just straight down


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Thanks for the info - I had a quick look on the way back from work and there are dozens of manhole covers in the general area where this vault is supposed to be. No idea what sorts these are, but some clearly haven't been opened for a long time.

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Photo 2 looks very much like what lies under the Georges Dock Building, which is next door to Mann Island. Was lucky enough to have a look in here a few years back, there was the remains of an old row boat bobbing about at the time.


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Well, we went on the Mersey tunnel tour the other day - mildly interesting if you haven’t been - and there was a picture of the Port of Liverpool building before the other two graces had been built (below).

As Xan_Asmodi says, a lot of the waterfront was built on reclaimed land - the tour guide thought the particular reservoir pictured above was probably under Water street (between the Cunard and Liver buildings) and may be used by the fire brigade.