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Report - Underneath Crank Caverns, St Helens – November 2017

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Cheers, CJ - and like Paradox says, it doesn't take any special skill. At most commando crawling through mud. Because of the very confined spaces and at sometimes precarious looking ceilings, I wouldn't have gone as deep into the workings had I been on my own. That's with already being comfortable in mines and drains on my own. But it was a walk in the park with Jobs, Paradox and Andy being there too. And I'd be happier doing it on my own now I've had some experience with people who know what they're doing. It's not worrying, just fun, and anyone could do it :D

Hi EOA army crawl I can do, well sort of, more of a side on army crawl, only one leg responds, but Ive trained it well lol. So I can do the slug thing, hands and knees is where im normally at when any slope is involved, so used to that lol. Oh I would deffo holla for one of you guys if I got to the area, I wouldnt do these alone. Tunnels yes. Mines no, drains no, not yet anyway. I was mostly topside. But after following some instructions from Wevsky & Obscurity and Otefsu, Ive gone beneath. I had done some tunnels before. But never really climbed about like that before. Good to know there is a place that doesnt require it. :D


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We live round the corner from there too, we should probably hit some stuff together

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