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Unexploded ordinance


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Just wondering if anyone has ever come across any unexploded ordinance while out for a wander? Went for a quick reccie trip to a location with my pocket camera and after mooching about for an hour or so came across something that put paid to my wanderings rather quickly. The relevant authorities have been informed including the land owner and report will be up shortly.

Has anyone else ever come across something thats made them go ooooh flippin' 'eck


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28DL Full Member
We once came across a small Tupperware box stuck to a drainage tube. it was fairly well out of the way, and was fairly heavy and contained some sandwich bags in it :eek:.............. and it turned out to be a very well hidden geocache :rolleyes: We just left a few presents in the box that happened to be in my bag at the time. I later checked a geocache website and someone had posted about my present, and it made for one of the funniest reads ever :D


Not come across UO on an explore before but where my Grandparents live in Scotland has a semi active bombing range (Luce Bay). Seen a few 'suspect' items down there in the past. Luce Bay along with Loch Ryan, to the north, had millions of tonnes of munitions dumped in them at the end of WW2. Things float to the surface quite often, especially if Qinetic have been blowing shit up in the water or the bays have been dredged to increase their depth. The Coast Guard and MoD scour the beaches quite frequently.

Worryingly the majority of the munitions (and a fair chunk of Ark Royal R09) were dumped in Loch Ryan, which contains both Stranraer and Cairnryan which are the Irish ferry ports.